Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to answer any questions you might have prior to your class.

How can I make a reservation?

You can book your class online now on our “Book Online MorningBook Online Evening” pages!
Or call or email us, (find info on the “Contact” page).

Can you pick me up at my hotel?

Of course! Transportation to and from your residence is included within the package.

Which market do we visit in the morning?

We will be visiting the Chaing Mai Gate Market, one of Chaing Mai’s oldest, traditional markets.

What should I bring?

Yourself and some enthusiasm to learn is all you need!

What will I be cooking?

In the cooking class you will be preparing 11 dishes, including traditional Thai desserts, soups, curries and appetizers, as well as 3 Akha dishes.

Do I have my own cooking station or do I need to share?

You will have your own cooking station and all the equipment you need, no need to share!

I do not like spicy food, but my friend does, is that a problem?

As you have your own cooking station, everything can be tailored to your specific tastes.

I am vegetarian/vegan.

This is absolutely fine, just inform us as soon as you arrive that you would like to make a veggie version of your dish and we will teach you how to make it just as delicious!

I am gluten allergic. I am allergic to nuts, .......

No Problem, just please inform us of any allergies you have at the beginning of the lesson.

Help, I can not cook but really would like to go!!

The class is very easy paced and you will be guided through everything, so no worries if you are just a beginner, you will surely make something just as delicious as the pro’s!

There are so many cooking schools in Chiang Mai, why should I choose for you?

We are the only school in the whole of Thailand to offer the taste of Akha culture, come and experience something you will never find anywhere else, as well as all the deliciousness of traditional Thai dishes!

I just had a great day at your cooking school! How should I recommend you to others?

Share us!! Share our website on all of your favorite social media platforms, you can find links for everything in our “Contact” page.

What do the prices include ?

Services included in price:

  • Transportation to & from your place of stay. Within 3km radius from Chiang Mai old city gates.
  • Market Tour (Chiang Mai Gate Market) – Only Morning Class
  • Full color Cook Book (20 pages A5 Size).
  • Gift set of ingredient for every student
  • Complimentary sample of locally grown Akha hill tribe coffee
  • Fresh water and Tea.
  • Free Wifi and Charger Plugs.

Can I design my own private class ?

Yes of course, please call the school for details and more information.