Panang Curry Chicken

This curry has Indian and Malay influence and is made by mixing Indian curry powder (Garam Masala) with galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime. Panang curry is perfect for meat lovers, as there are no vegetables in it. Chicken is the most popular meat used in Thailand, but the southern part of Thailand uses beef instead. Try both versions. I also like using pork instead of chicken or beef in this dish.

Green Curry Chicken

Enjoy the fresh flavor of the green pepper and coriander stems used to make the curry paste in this recipe. The coconut milk sweetens the curry and turns it to a rich green color. That’s why it’s called gaeng kheow waan (or “sweet green curry”). It was originally invent- ed by Thai cooks who modified red curry by switching green peppers for red peppers and using coconut milk instead of water.