For every student
attending our Cooking Class

we offer an opportunity to
learn and make 10 Dishes + 1 Curry Paste
Two Appatizers

We kick off the class with two of our favourite Thai snacks as appetizers. We call this type of food “khong gin len”, which literally means “food to eat for fun”.

During our cooking class, you’ll learn how to make Papaya Salad the authentic way, using a mortar and pestle; it is the best method to really crush and mix all of the flavours together. You’ll also learn how to roll the perfect Fried Spring Roll and deep fry it to crispy perfection!

Two Desserts

Desserts are eaten throughout the day in Thailand. They are not reserved for eating after a meal, but are seen as a fun food to eat during your free time.

When it comes time to cook these sweets in class, you’ll learn how to make the perfect steamed sticky rice to be paired with your sweet, juicy mango – allowing you to go home and successfully make Mango Sticky Rice with authentic sticky rice, prepared the Thai way!

You’ll also learn the secret to making the best Pumpkin in Coconut Milk that you’ll soon begin to crave time and time again.

Three Akha Dishes

Akha dishes are not easy to find. You won’t find any recipes online because Akha people are an ethnic minority and most people in the world don’t even know about them. This is why it is so important to us to keep our Thai-Akha heritage alive through cooking, and by sharing with you how to cook three of our favourite Akha dishes.

Akha food is totally different from Thai food, not to mention, much healthier and fresher. During the class, we’re certain that you’ll enjoy the refreshing flavours of these three simple and healthy Akha dishes and that you’ll go home wanting to make them for all of your friends and family.


Pick one Curry and Curry Paste

We will teach you how to make curry paste from scratch. No powders here!

A few of these curry pastes are made with the same base ingredients and are very similar to one another, allowing them to be made into another curry paste simply by adding or removing one ingredient – in Thailand, we call this “same same but different”. These similarities make it very easy to keep stock of the curry paste ingredients, allowing you to make various different curries each night of the week!

You will have the option to choose your level of spice for the dish, whether you want to stick to your comfort spice level or if you would like to make the dish full authentic Thai spicy. The choice is yours!

Pick one Stir-Fry

Thai Stir-Fries are classic street food in Thailand. We consider Stir-Fry as Thai fast food since most restaurants are prepared to cook up this type of food and have it ready in minutes.

During our cooking class, you will have the choice to make one of four of the most popular and delicious Thai Stir-Fries. Though you may have already attempted to make a few of these dishes on your own at home, we will share with you some tips and tricks from the Thai kitchen on how to get your flavouring for these dishes just right!

Pick one Soup

The most popular way to eat Thai soup is with rice alongside a main course, or paired with beer at a local bar!

During our cooking class, you will have the choice to make one of three Thai soups, choosing from one of our creamy favourites or a classic subtle soup. You’ll learn some tricks on how to get the most flavours out of your soup, the necessary spices and flavourings that contribute to each soup’s flavour, as well as some ingredient substitutions that can be done if you’re without one of the main ingredients.

Eat and enjoy your 10+1 dishes!

We will be sitting and taking breaks to eat all
the deliciously prepared food along the way!!