Mango Sticky Rice – This dessert may not have a fancy name, but the taste is unbelievable. Glutinous “sticky” rice is soaked in coconut milk, infused with the sweet-and-sour fruit- iness of ripe mango and features the rich and nutty flavor of fried, salted mung beans.
Mango Sticky Rice - Akha Kitchen - Akha Recipes - Thai Akha Kitchen
  • Thai Serves: 3-4
  • Prep. Time: 15m
  • Cook Time: 1h
  1. Cook the sticky rice first. Place the rice in a bowl and cover with room temperature water. Leave it to soak for four to five hours before cooking.
  2. Drain the water and replace it with clean water. Continue to rinse and drain like this three to four times, until there is no milky water in the runoff.
  3. To cook the rice, you’ll need a steamer and cheesecloth. Place the cheese cloth on the top of the steamer. Place the soaked rice on top of the cheesecloth, keeping all cheese cloth inside the pot. Cover with a lid and let it steam on high heat for 45 minutes to an hour.
  4. After the rice is cooked, place the rice in a mixing bowl.
  5. Add the coconut milk, water, sugar and salt to a pot over medium heat. Stir until the sugar dissolves.
  6. Pour the coconut milk mixture over the cooked sticky rice. Mix well and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  7. Place the sticky rice mixture on a plate and layer the man- go slices to the side. Garnish with the fried salted mung beans.

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